dickie three eyes


me: stop being racist please

family:  listen… liberal hippie trash ….u dont know anything abotu the world….

"U know nothing. And understand less if u don’t see how privileged u have been all your life"

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"Some people are worried that it’s not going to be finished, from what I read, I mean, there is the possibility, I don’t know if you want to talk about this…" (x)

Fuck them ! you have written 5 books with great characters, you are intelligent and kind! live your, George!

#grrm  is not your bitch

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I don’t think I have loved a fictional character more than Helena. This is so perfect.


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So I’m considering changing my url because I feel not as connected to Rachel Berry anymore due to the events of the last few episodes, but I’m not sure what I would change it too.  Suggestions?


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